VPN in Touch Data Traffic Plans

VPN in Touch has expanded their network since the last time we took a look at the service.  We were initially interested in VIT for their iOS mobile app.  Now it appears they’re expanding more in the market.  With VPN servers in seven countries and support for PPTP / L2TP protocols.  VIT is still focused on mobile users.  They do not support OpenVPN or offer VPN clients for windows / Mac users.  Of course you can manually connect.

Along with unlimited packages, VPN in Touch offers a number of data traffic plans.  Allowing you to purchase a specified amount of VPN traffic usage.  Without any expiration date.  The plans are suggested for 3G users and those with limited Internet traffic.  With packages ranging from 1 GB up to 200 GB of usage.

VPN In Touch Data Traffic Plans

We think of this type of account as a block plan because they offer a block of traffic usage for a one-time fee.  Different than most services that only focus on unlimited VPN access.  In fact the VPN in Touch block plans are a good compliment to an unlimited account.  Offering users a backup plan for occasional use.

Here’s a summary of the VPN in Touch data traffic (block) packages:

  • 1 GB – $1.99
  • 5 GB – $4.99
  • 10 GB – $6.99
  • 30 GB – $14.99
  • 60 GB – $19.99
  • 100 GB – $24.99
  • 200 GB – $39.99

The VPN in Touch prices work out to $0.20 to $2 a GB depending on how much you purchase.  We suggest you buy a 1 GB or 5 GB plan to test the service.  Then if you like VIT just add more data.  You can always add more usage to your existing account.  They also offer unlimited VPN plans with monthly up to 2-year terms.

Read our VPN in Touch Review to learn more about the service.  Follow us @VPNSP for the best VPN deals.

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