VPN Connection Sharing Guide

Would you like to share your VPN connection?  Perhaps connect from more than one computer at a time or use your laptop and cell phone securely at the same time?  While most VPN providers prohibit account sharing there are some that allow multiple connections through a single VPN account.  Today we’re going to take a look at three providers – IPVanish, Hide My Ass and OverPlay that allow some form of account sharing.

When it comes to sharing a VPN connection each of the three VPN services we’re about to present have different terms of use.  So make sure the terms fit your needs.  In addition we’ll give some alternatives to connecting multiple devices through a single account using a VPN router at the end of this post.

IPVanish Connection Sharing

IPVanish allows you to connect two devices simultaneously to their VPN service.  With one using OpenVPN and the other using either PPTP or L2TP.  This is a great solution for those wanting to secure a system at home plus a mobile device simultaneously.  Also for those who travel and want to leave their home connection secured.

IPVanish offers unlimited VPN access from 46+ VPN servers located in 16 countries (full list) along with support for PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols.  With their free IPVanish client and support for your favorite mobile devices.  Enjoy unlimited VPN with two connections for just $10 a month.

Hide My Ass Connection Sharing

Hide My Ass allows members to install the HMA client on as many devices as they wish.  Users can connect to the service from two computers simultaneously.  So once again you could use the service to connect your home PC plus another system or mobile device at the same time.  Just be sure not to exceed two connections.

Hide My Ass offers unlimited VPN access from 265+ VPN servers located in 49 countries (full list) along with support for PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN connections.  With their free HMA Pro VPN client and up to two simultaneous connections.  Enjoy unlimited VPN access from just $6.55 a month.

OverPlay Connection Sharing

OverPlay has a different connection sharing policy.  They allow members multiple connections but they must be from the same site.  So for instance you can connect more than one PC at home to OverPlay simultaneously.  Or a friend visiting could connect to OverPlay through your network.  However, if you leave and want to protect your mobile device while your wife is using OverPlay at home that would not be allowed.

OverPlay offers unlimited VPN access from 150+ VPN servers located in 48 countries (full list).  Along with support for PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN connections.  With their free VPN client and support for two connections.  Enjoy unlimited VPN access from just $8.33 a month.

VPN Router Connection Sharing

The final topic we’d like to cover is using a VPN router to share your connection between all the network enabled devices in your home.  That allows you to extend the VPN protection beyond just the normal PC, Mac, iPhone, Android tablets, etc. to other devices that may not have the option of configuring a VPN.  That’s because the router will take care of the VPN connection for you.  Meaning every device that passes through the router is secured.  IPVanish, Hide My Ass and OverPlay all support DD-WRT routers.  Allowing the use of a single VPN account to support all of the devices on your network.  Visit FlashRouters or Sabai Technology for more info.

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