Verizon Killing Unlimited Data For Good

It’s not much of a surprise to most mobile users to hear that providers like Verizon are moving away from unlimited data plans.  In fact Verizon introduced tiered data plans last Summer.  Meaning anyone who signed up for service after that would receive the new pricing plans.  Now it appears they’ve decided to end unlimited data for those who were previously grandfathered in.  A move that will leave some users looking for alternatives.

According to DSL Reports, Verizon will be cutting their $30 unlimited data option as existing customers move to 4G LTE plans.  We’re unsure when the move will take place for those already on 4G unlimited data.  Whether Verizon will make the change during the current contract term isn’t clear at the moment.  Either way Verizon customers will need to plan for tiered pricing or look for another vendor.

As an AT&T customer grandfathered into unlimited data I was unhappy to hear their soft cap and efforts to reduce speed.  While that still isn’t optimal it sure beats Verizon’s plan.  It will be interesting to see if AT&T eventually follows the same strategy of pushing users over to tiered data pricing.

Those who want to explore other choices for unlimited data aren’t left with many options.  Right now Sprint and T-Mobile are the only major carriers offering unlimited plans.  Between the two we would check out Sprint.  For those under Verizon’s data caps or looking at the change and wondering how to reduce usage we wrote a post last year.  Our Verizon data cap guide will help you keep usage lower while still enjoying your devices.

Verizon customers can expect them to introduce shared LTE data plans in the near future.  Once the pricing and tiers have been determined we’ll update this post with the latest information.

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