Verizon Privacy : Protect Against Tracking

As some of you may have read recently in the LA Times and other publications, Verizon is going to start tracking wireless customers browsing habits.  Including Internet browsing, location and usage of applications.  Verizon will now collect and share the data with third party advertisers to make mobile ads more relevant.  Sound like extra revenue to us.  Verizon makes it clear that they won’t share any personally identifiable information.  You can also choose to opt out of the tracking.  We recommend Verizon customers consider Personal VPN access.  Which will help keep your online activities private from Verizon or anyone else trying to track you online.

Learn more about the new Verizon privacy policies in their announcement.  It appears Verizon will be tracking website URL’s which can also include search information.  Along with cell phone location and application usage.  The Verizon privacy announcement also includes a link to instructions for opting out of the new tracking.  The explanation lists a toll-free phone number for mass-market customers – 1-800-333-9956.

Verizon customers (and all wireless phone users) can benefit from encrypted access via VPN.  Most people are familiar with VPN as it relates to work but many don’t realize that individuals can also acquire affordable VPN access for personal use.  With unlimited VPN accounts ranging from $6-$12 a month depending on term.  Along with protecting mobile devices like iPhone, Android and Blackberry, a good Personal VPN can help protect you when at home and traveling.  Protect your laptop wi-fi connections and even your home PC or Mac.

Read our VPN reviews to learn more about Personal VPN providers.  Keep up with the latest offers and trials via the free VPN accounts section of  Follow us (@VPNSP) on Twitter for personal VPN news.

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