StrongVPN Hurricane Sandy NYC Outage

StrongVPN has a very large network including VPN servers in the New York Financial District.  Because of hurricane Sandy they are experiencing VPN server outages in New York City.  As we’re writing this post the StrongVPN team has a related blog post with updates on the progress.  Right now their data center is not safe for StrongVPN engineers to be on the premises.  We wish the StrongVPN team the best in restoring service.

Earlier this month StrongVPN posted the image above to their blog.  It shows some of their new blade servers in New York.  They are included in the Hurricane Sandy outage.  According to StrongVPN all the vpn-in* servers are currently down.  Unfortunately those affected are not able to switch servers at this time since it would quickly overload other locations.  For now StrongVPN is asking that everyone be patient and understanding as they work to restore service.  Follow their StrongVPN hurricane Sandy blog post for the latest updates.

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