Secure NetZero Mobile Broadband

We’ve been using Verizon’s mobile broadband service for a couple years and decided to look at what other choices are out there.  One of the options is NetZero.  They offers a free 4G plan that includes 200 MB of usage a month.  With premium plans ranging from 500 MB to 4 GB a month.  The coverage is somewhat limited with 4G broadband available in some 29 states and 87 cities nationwide.  Even so if they have service in your area the prices are reasonable.  Right now Netzero is also offering 50% off all 4G devices.

Regardless of which NetZero 4G device and mobile broadband account you choose the next step will be to secure your connection.  There are a number of leading VPN providers that can help secure your access.  Whether you want to connect from laptop, iPad, Android tablet or other device they have you covered.  Companies like HideMyAss and IPVanish allow two simultaneous connections on a single account.

Here’s a summary of the NetZero mobile broadband plans:

  • 200 MB  a month – Free
  • 500 MB a month – $9.95
  • 1 GB a month – $19.95
  • 2 GB a month – $34.95
  • 4 GB a month – $49.95

You’ll want one of these NetZero 4G devices to use the service:

Visit VPN service providers to learn more about how to secure all your connections.  Especially when traveling or on public wi-fi connections.  Just because you can connect while at the airport or coffee shop doesn’t mean your information is safe.  A good VPN provider will help protect you online while using NetZero and otherwise.

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