Sabai Technology VPN Accelerator Review

We recently had the pleasure of testing a new product from Sabai Technology.  Their VPN accelerator is now available to pre-order at a discounted price of $279.  The idea behind Sabai’s new creation is to take the VPN overhead off your router.  By using a mini computer Sabai has been able to increase StrongVPN router connection speeds significantly.  In our testing VPN performance was improved by over 300 percent.

The point of Sabai’s accelerator is speed.  Improving the performance of your Sabai StrongVPN router by shifting the overhead to the accelerator.  We tested our Sabai Linksys E3000 along with the new Sabai accelerator using a StrongVPN server in Miami.  First we connected via OpenVPN directly through the E3000 router.  Netting a download speed of 6.70 Mbps.  Then we switched over to the accelerator and saw a speed increase of over 300%.  With speeds nearing 22 Mbps.  We were quite impressed to say the least.

The Sabai VPN accelerator was a great purchase that we look forward to using for years to come.  While more expensive that the E3000 router itself, the accelerator more than tripled our VPN speed.  Sometimes you get what you pay for and in this case it’s maximum performance.  Allowing you to secure all your network devices through a single VPN account.  Visit Sabai Technology to learn more and save $20 on their VPN accelerator.

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