Sabai Technology Router Review + VPN Speed Test

Last week we had the pleasure of chatting with William Haynes, the President of Sabai Technology.  Mr Haynes gave us a guided tour of the new Sabai operating system.  We were very excited to see how simple it was to connect to StrongVPN during the demonstration.  Yet there’s only one way to find out how well something works.  You’ve got to get your hands on the product and put it through the paces.  So that’s exactly what we did.

Rather than wait for Sabai Technology to ship us a router for testing, Mr Haynes was kind enough to flash our existing Cisco Linksys E3000 with their custom Sabai OS.  A process that only took a few minutes.  We have since tested the router with our favorite VPN service, Hide My Ass and will share the results in a moment.

Sabai Technology Review

First we’d like to share some background on Sabai Technology and their product offerings.  We were struck by Mr. Haynes passion for helping customers implement helpful networking solutions.  He formed Sabai last year in Simpsonville, South Carolina.  The company lists both their address and phone number on the site.

Sabai Technology developed a customized Tomato (Sabai OS) to produce the best results.  In addition Sabai Technology is the only DD-WRT / Tomato router company we know that offers phone support.  Their technical support will also setup web assist sessions to help customers work around any questions or issues.

Sabai carries a wide selection of routers.  Divided into specialties including VPN routers, HotSpot routers, wireless bridges / repeaters, and outdoor routers.  For the sake of our review we are covering the VPN routers.  StrongVPN partnered with Sabai to offer their customers an easy solution.  Using a Sabai Technology router allows Strong VPN customers to protect their entire network including computers, mobile devices and even gaming consoles.  Anything that will run through the router.  Either wried or via wireless connection.

Here’s a list of of the VPN routers that Sabai offers along with price:

Operating systems available:

  • Sabai operating system
  • DD-WRT operating system

We tested the new Sabai OS and recommend you choose that option.  As the new OS has a nice, simple interface, will be compatible with future upgrades and allows for advanced diagnostics.  DD-WRT fans can certainly go that route as well.  Just remember that the DD-WRT firmware is updated often.

Sabai Linksys E3000 Router VPN Speed Test

Now comes the fun part.  Time to kick the tires on the new Sabai OS and test out the speed.  We personally have the best VPN speed test results from Hide My Ass.  Not to say that StrongVPN is slow by any means.  Only that we wanted to test the Sabai router with our fastest service and also try the interface out with a different provider.

Sabai Router / Hide My Ass VPN Speed Tests

Before testing the VPN performance for the Sabai router we ran a speed test via  The baseline speed test was done through the Sabai Linksys E3000 router.  Before any VPN connection was established.  As you can see in the image below our download speed was 42.74 Mb/s.

For our first performance test we connected to the nearest HideMyAss VPN server.  Which is located in Asheville, North Carolina.  We connected via PPTP for the best results.  Our download speed was an excellent 28.47 Mb/s.

Next we tested a couple more servers on the east coast.  Both much further from our location in Tennessee.  Here are the results for New York City and Miami.  Slower speeds as expected given the distance.

Next we hopped across the pond and tested performance to an HMA VPN server in London.

Finally we pointed north and tested performance to an HideMyAss VPN server in Toronto.

We were quite pleased with the performance of the Sabai router.  Both in terms of speed and keeping a reliable connection.  You might have noticed the VPN is connected via PPTP (Sabai) messages in some of our images.  They are from the Sabai router interface.  A nice, simple way to ensure you are connected via VPN.

Sabai Technology Router Review : Conclusion

We really enjoyed testing the Sabai E3000 VPN router and learning more about their new customized Sabai operating system.  Not only testing but using the Sabai E3000 as our primary router now.  The company is at the forefront of what we believe is a market ready to explode.  Sabai’s products and technical assistance are making a difference in people’s lives.  Giving customers the ability to travel or live abroad and still enjoy connecting back home.  While others will use it to protect their privacy and security online.

Visit Sabai Technology to learn more about the company and their wide selection of routers.  We also suggest you check out the Sabai blog to meet some of the Sabai team members and read about the positive impact they are making in the customer spotlights.  Cheers to Mr. Haynes and the Sabai Technology team.

Follow us on Twitter – @VPNSP – for the latest VPN news and special offers.  Let us know if there are any VPN related topics you would like covered in future posts.  We appreciate your continued support.

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