Advantages of Sabai Technology OS V4

Sabai Technology specializes in customizing brand name routers to extend their functionality.  Allowing users to connect to personal VPN services like StrongVPN and others.  This allows you to secure devices throughout your home or business through the router.  We reviewed the Sabai OS on a Cisco E3000 router last year and recently ran through the upgrade to OS V4.  Today I’d like to share some of the advantages of Sabai’s OS V4.

Here are some of the new features in the Sabai’s 4th generation operating system:

1.  Easier OpenVPN Seetup

Sabai has made it even easier to setup your StrongVPN account to connect via OpenVPN using their new OS V4.  Instead of finding a specific file within the server files you can now just point to the zip file.

2.  Supports Dual Gateway

Having the ability to setup a dual gateway allows you to pick and choose which devices use VPN versus standard connection.  This is a great feature!  In the past running a dual gateway. has required two routers  This simplifies things quite a bit.  Visit Sabai’s dual gateway post to learn more and view screenshots.

3.  Supports Port Forwarding

The new Sabai OS V4 supports port forwarding.  Allowing you to choose the protocol and ports you would like to forward.  Along with the IP addresses for each device.  We can hear some of you clapping.

Sabai Technology sells brand name routers flashed with their custom Tomato OS.  The Sabai OS V4 reaches well beyond the capabilities we’ve seen in previous Tomato or DD-WRT releases.  Visit Sabai and choose from one of their popular Cisco routers to enjoy the benefits of OS V4 along with excellent support.

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