Sabai Technology Mother’s Day Sale

To celebrate Mother’s Day Sabai Technology is offering a $10 coupon code on their most popular router.  Namely the Cisco Linksys E3000 router.  What better way to enjoy all the features of Sabai’s new OS v4.  The new operating system has some nice updated features including dual gateway and port forwarding.  We’ll have our impressions in an upcoming post.  In the meantime get in on the Sabai Mother’s Day deal this weekend.

Here’s the deal on the Linksys E3000 promotion.  All you need to do is use coupon code MOM12! to save $10 off the router.  Bringing the price of the E3000 from $169.95 down to $159.95.

Here’s some more information directly from Sabai’s post:

Looking for a unique gift for your techno savvy Mom this weekend? How about a Linksys E3000 Strong VPN router from Sabai Technology? This weekend only, enjoy an extra $10 off our most popular router with coupon code MOM12!

With the E3000 the whole family can connect all their gadgets – wired and wireless – to your StrongVPN service. Ensure your security, safety and anonymity on your ipad or tablet, Xbox, Laptop, Roku, Smart TV, Wii, PS3, and anything else you have on your network. And with the E3000 you don’t have to worry about streaming, surfing and gaming all at once* because the E3000 is one of the fastest consumer routers on the market!

The Linksys E3000 is a great option for personal networks with multiple users or a small business setting. The E3000 now features the Sabai Operating System V4, giving customers a multitude of networking options including port forwarding and dual gateway capabilities.

Sabai also offers the E4200 router but for the price difference we recommend the E3000.  Especially with the MOM12! coupon code.  Head on over to Sabai and enjoy the discount this weekend.

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