OverPlay Smart VPN Server Technology

Since launching service in 2009, OverPlay has quickly built their reputation as one of the best personal VPN services in the market.  With a very large network spanning some 34 countries and 120 VPN servers.  Earlier this month we talked about Overplay’s partnership with FlashRouters to offer pre-configured DDWRT routers.  Now OverPlay has even more news.  With the launch of their new smart VPN server technology.

So what is a Smart VPN server and how is it different from other solutions?  In the case of OverPlay’s new Smart server technology they are minimizing the amount of traffic over the VPN connection by passing only the necessary data through the VPN server.  In doing so you can achieve faster throughput as most of the traffic doesn’t need to be sent through a server that’s potentially thousands of miles away.

Let’s take the example of someone from the US on travel in Asia.  They may be surprised to learn that they no longer have access to online content like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora that was available at home.  One answer is to sign up for a VPN service which will route their traffic through a US server and give them a US IP address to access the streaming services.  That will work fine but guess what happens to their connection speed.  It will slow down quite a bit as all the traffic is sent through a VPN server in the US.

Using OverPlay’s new Smart VPN server technology helps users avoid the performance issue by sending only the traffic necessary to setup the session through the VPN server.  Then the actual content can be streamed directly through your underlying Internet connection.  Which allows for much better performance.  You’ll find it especially helpful when trying to view HD content while abroad.

Stay tuned in the near future as we’ll be testing a FlashRouter pre-configured for OverPlay.  We look forward to bringing you a full summary of our experience.  Read our OverPlay review to learn more about their VPN offerings.  OverPlay is currently running special discounts on their popular VPN service.  Enjoy unlimited VPN access (OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, DD-WRWT) from 34 countries for only $9.95 a month or $99 a year.

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