Netflix Rebrands DVD by Mail Service Qwikster

Netflix has decided to split off their DVD by Mail offering from their popular video streaming service.  Instead of having two separate plans for Netflix (as announced back in July) the company will spin off the DVD by mail service as Qwikster.  Customers of Qwikster will also have the option to add video games by mail.  While Netflix will now focus solely on streaming video.  Adding a substantial amount of content in the coming months.

We’ve enjoyed DVD by mail and streaming service from Netflix over the years.  Having moved to streaming-only last year when the price was changed to $7.99 a month.  For us the DVD by mail wasn’t worth the extra $2 a month much less the revamped $7.99 a month announced in July.  We’ve been spoiled by content on demand.  If we want to watch something a 2-3 day delay for mail just isn’t cutting it.  We rely on Netflix streaming along with a few other services like Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.  When all else fails Red Box is a quick fix.

Netflix is limping a bit after their PR nightmare in July.  The new rebranding effort is also likely a strategy to help repair trust in the company.  It will be interesting to see how they do over the years.  As a long time member and streaming fan we just want to see more and more online content available.  At $7.99 a month for unlimited streaming we have no issue with the price.  Add a good VPN service and watch Netflix movies securely from anywhere.  Whether at home, in a coffee shop via public wi-fi or while on travel.  Even if traveling abroad.

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