MegaUpload Team to Launch

In January the online community was caught by storm when MegaUpload was taken down.  Quite literally Kim DotCom and others were arrested in connection with the MegaUpload storage service.  After the incident a number of high profile file lockers either shutdown or made drastic changes to their services.  Now it looks like Mega may be coming back to life. is set to launch in January 2013, a year after the MegaUpload raid.

So what’s so different about as compared to MegaUpload?  Won’t the U. S. government or some other political entity just step in and pull the plug on as well?  Kim DotCom and his team are taking a different approach this time around.  For starters they are distancing themselves from hosts in the United States.  Along with registering the domain in Gabon, Africa.  You can learn more about the project by visiting their site.

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