IPVanish VPN Download and Setup Guide

The other day a VPNSP reader sent us a message asking how much effort it takes to setup IPVanish on a Windows system.  In this case the user was also testing Windows 8.  While we’re not running Windows 8 we were able to give them tips on windows 7 setup.  In the process we grabbed screenshots and wrote up a detailed email.  As is often the case we decided to share the same notes with everyone to show just how easy it is to download and install IPvanish.  All you need is an IPVanish account and a few minutes to get started.

IPVanish VPN Client Download

To best illustrate the process a new IPVanish user would take we uninstalled the program and started from scratch.  That way you can see exactly what it takes to get started.  Within a few minutes you’ll have IPVanish downloaded, configured and connected to your choice of servers.  The first thing you’ll want to do is download the free VPN client.  To grab the latest version visit the IPVanish software page as shown below:

Mac OS / X users can download a Tunnelblick configuration file.  We’ll be sticking to Windows configuration for this post.  The download itself is very small, less than a meg so it only takes a moment to complete.  Once the file is on your system just double click ipvanish-setup.exe to start the installation.

The program will install quick and leave an IPVanish icon on your desktop.  Clicking on the icon will launch the client software.  Before you fire up the software initially you’ll want to have a couple pieces of information handy.  Check your welcome email for the username and password.  As you’ll need both in a moment.

Launching IPVanish takes a few moments.  The delay is necessary as the client checks that everything is in order and tests to see which servers will perform the best for your location.  A really cool feature.  Once the interface is loaded you’ll notice that the server locations are sorted alphabetically by country.  For the fastest connections we suggest you sort by response time.  To do that simply click on the response column header.

Now we’re talking.  As you can see we have several server locations with ping times under 50 ms.  Including Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Miami.  We chose the Ashburn server and OpenVPN protocol.  The first time you click Connect you’ll be asked for your user credentials.  You can have the software save them for future use or enter them each time.  Finally let’s take a look at the performance once connected.

As you can see from the image we were connected to the Ashburn (iad-a01) VPN server using OpenVPN protocol which gives the highest level of encryption.  Even so our download speed was over 20 Mbps.  A testament to the quality of the IPVanish network.  We use the service all the time and have tested connections around the world with peak results.  Remember that any VPN service is going to slow your Internet connection some due to the encryption.  That’s why its so important to choose a quality service like IPVanish.

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