IPVanish Review and $10 Unlimited VPN Access

IPVanish is one of our favorite VPN services.  They offer members fast, reliable service with a number of premium features for just $10 a month  Starting with their free IPVanish VPN client.  New users can install the client and easily switch between their VPN servers in 15 countries. For the more technical minded IPVanish has the bases covered.  With support for OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols.  Giving you the flexibility to connect from Windows, Mac or Linux.  Along with iPhone, iPad, Android and a number of other compatible devices.  With speeds over 25 Mbps. IPVanish is also one of the fastest VPN services we’ve had the pleasure of testing.

The review below is a summary of our hands-on IPVanish review at vpnsp.com.  Take a look at our full review for speed test results.  Otherwise you’ll get everything you need right here in our IPVanish VPN review.

IPVanish VPN Review

IPVanish offers fast, reliable VPN service with all the bells and whistles for a great price.  With servers spread across 15 countries and growing.  IPVanish also has one of the largest IP pools with over 2,500 IP addresses.  You can use their client to switch between servers anytime.  We’ll touch on some more advantages of IPVanish in a moment.  As we do keep the price in mind.  At just $10 a month for unlimited VPN access with the client included, IPVanish is a great value.  Which helped them earn a 2012 VPNSP Editors Choice Award.

IPVanish Client & VPN Servers

IPVanish supports all three major VPN protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP.  With 36+ VPN servers located in 14 countries including the United States, United Kingdom ,Canada, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan, Hungary, Turkey, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal and Malaysia.

VPN Server Details (39+ Servers, 15 Countries, 2,500+ IP Addresses)

For an updated list of VPN server locations visit VPNSP.  IPVanish offers a large VPN network and is continuing to add new servers around the world.  With over 2,500 IP addresses across some 15 countries.  Access all 39+ VPN servers with more in the works.  Take a quick look at how easy it is to connect to any server with the free IPVanish VPN client.  You simply choose from the list of servers and the client will connect and assign you a local IP address from that server.  It also makes switching between servers and locations a breeze.

As you can see above we took two screen captures of the IPVanish client to show you the wide selection of server locations to choose from.  With multiple servers in several of the more popular cities.  Along with the list it’s always nice to know which servers have the highest utilization.  First it’s important to know the team behind IPVanish.  They are a leading network service provider.  Providing CDN traffic for some of the worlds largest companies and online services.  So you can expect excellent performance across their VPN network.

We really appreciate IPVanish publicly displaying each VPN server’s usage stats for members.  That way you can look and see the capacity of each server at anytime.  To view usage stats you simply log into the IPVanish website and click on the server list.  There you are presented with each VPN server address along with usage.

Testing the IPVanish Service

IPVanish understands that users need time to test the service before deciding whether or not to become a long term member.  That’s why they offer a 7 day money back guarantee.  You can cancel anytime during the first week and receive a full refund.  Giving you plenty of time to test the IPVanish software and VPN service.

IPVanish Account Pricing

This is definitely the easiest part of our review.  IPVanish offers one plan and it includes everything.  With unlimited, uncapped access to all of their servers along with the IPVanish client.  All for just $10 a month.

IPVanish VPN Review : Conclusion

We’ve had the pleasure of testing quite a few VPN services and only a handful come close to the quality of IPVanish.  We purchased an account and highly recommend IPVanish to friends and family.  Both for use at home and while on travel.  At just $10 a month for unlimited VPN access and free software client we’re big fans and look forward to the continued growth and innovations from IPVanish.  Visit IPVanish.com to learn more.

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