IPVanish Windows Client Update

IPVanish recently updated their Windows VPN client.  The new release includes some enhancements along with bug fixes.  Existing users will be prompted to update the software the next time it launches.  If you haven’t had a chance to try their client yet you can download it free from their site.  It is included with unlimited VPN for $10 a month.  They offer both Windows and Mac versions.  Along with set up guides for iOS and Android.

IPVanish client update

Here’s a list of the enhancements and bug fixes in the latest version

  • Improved interface management for certain Windows configurations
  • Improved network connectivity and server speed checking
  • Improved DNS flushing and caching when connecting and when closing the software Fixes
  • Modified the external IP address notification in the software to retry if it does not get an immediate response
  • Fixed a minor OpenVPN connection issue for certain Windows configurations where the software checked its IP address twice
  • Fixed a bug where the software could crash if started on certain systems without a network present

We noticed the client was much faster at displaying the server response times.  Otherwise we tested a few US and UK servers and achieved the same fast connection speeds we’re accustomed to using IPVanish.

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