IPVanish Windows VPN Client Update

IPVanish recently rolled out a new version of their Windows VPN client.  The latest release (version includes some nice new features including auto-reconnect.  Along with some technical changes to reduce load times and overhead.  We originally reviewed an earlier version of the IPVanish client so we’ll cover some of the cool new features they’ve since added.  You can sign up for unlimited IPVanish VPN for just $10 a month.

First we should mention that the IPVanish VPN software is free to all members.  A perk of having their service.  As you’ll see in a moment there’s quite a difference between having a nice client and configuring your own VPN connections.  That’s why we recommend services like IPVanish that take care of the technical details and let you enjoy the service without the headaches of manual setup.  Especially when switching between VPN servers.

First let’s take a quick glance at the new IPVanish client interface:

We’re going to focus on three areas of the interface.  The server list, choice of protocols and the new auto-reconnect feature.  Then we’ll briefly touch on some of the other technical updates in version

IPVanish VPN Server List

The VPN server list inside the IPVanish software allows you to easily connect to any of their 39+ servers across 15 countries.  As you can see the list is sorted by location by default.  A nice feature for those wanting to connect to a server in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.

There are some other nice ways to sort vpn servers in the IPVanish Windows client.  We like sorting them by response time.  Which groups servers by their ping times.  We had several servers below 50 ms.

Protocol Selection – OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP

You wouldn’t believe how many clients we test lack this important feature.  The IPVanish software lets you select the desired VPN protocol with the click of a radio button.  If you forget to choose it will connect via OpenVPN by default which is the most secure protocol.

We recommend OpenVPN connections when using the Windows client.  All three protocols work just fine but you’ll get the most secure connection from OpenVPN.  It’s also great to know IPVanish offers the other protocols.  Both in terms of Windows and other operating systems.  As PPTP and L2TP protocols extend compatibility to your favorite mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android.

New Auto-Reconnect Feature

What happens when you lose the connection to your VPN provider.  In many cases you might not even be aware and put your online privacy at risk.  The IPVanish client will now help protect you from disconnects.  With the Windows release including the new auto-reconnect feature which will monitor your VPN connection and automatically reconnect if needed.  The feature includes a 10 second delay.

In addition to the helpful new features the IPVanish team also made some technical updates to reduce load times and overhead.  The changes include requiring .NET framework 3.5 instead of 4 which makes the install much smaller.  In addition the VPN drivers are now integrated into the client.  For those times you might want support you can send a request (with subject) from within the client.

Perhaps as important as any of the new updates and changes is the level of service you receive from IPVanish.  We’re finishing this post up at around 1:00 AM est. and their live support is currently open.  If you’d like a chance to test the new IPVanish client then sign up for their $10 unlimited plan which comes with a 7 day money back guarantee.  You’ll gain immediate access to the client along with all 39+ servers in 15 countries.

Visit VPN service providers to learn more about VPN.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest news and reviews.

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