IPVanish Windows VPN Client Update

The team over at IPVanish is staying very busy this summer.  Last week they began beta testing a new VPN server in Shanghai and now they’ve released a major update to their Windows VPN client software.  The latest additions to the client are all about usability.  Giving members more flexibility in customizing the IPVanish client.  You can enjoy all the new client features along with unlimited VPN access for just $10 a month.

Here’s are some highlights of the new IPVanish client update:

  • Set the client to launch when Windows starts up
  • Optionally have IPVanish store your login credentials
  • Set IPVanish to automatically connect to a server when launched

For those who set IPVanish to automatically connect you also have these options:

  • Connect to the server you last used
  • Connect to your nearest server
  • Choose a specific server to connect
  • Choose a specific protocol to use

We had the previous version installed so the software notified us of the update.  Then walked through a list of options after the download.  Once launched you can also make changes by clicking on “Preferences” at the top of the client.  We like to launch the client on our own and have it automatically connect to our favorite server in Atlanta.  Regardless of your preferences the new update gives you more flexibility when using the client.

New members can save $2 off unlimited VPN from IPVanish.  Enjoy unlimied VPN usage for just $10 a month.

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