ibVPN iPhone / iPad Client Review

Last week we shared the news of the ibVPN team releasing a new ibVPN iOS app.  Since then we’ve had a chance to test the new client and look forward to sharing our impressions.  Including app installation, client configuration and speed testing.  Members of ibVPN can download the iOS app free from iTunes.  While those new to ibVPN can enjoy unlimited access to servers around the world and the iOS client from $6.92 a month.

Let’s dive right into the new ibVPN iOS app.  Starting with the app installation and then moving on to configuring the client for your desired servers and finally connecting to ibVPN using either PPTP or L2TP protocol.

Installing the ibVPN iOS App

We installed the new ibVPN app and tested it on an iPad running iOS 6.  Visiting the app store and searching for ibvpn took us straight to the VPN app.  From there we downloaded and installed the client free of charge.  The first time you launch the app you’ll need to enter your account information or set up a new VPN account.

Configuring the ibVPN iOS Client

Once the application is installed and you enter account information the next step is to choose a server.  ibVPN includes a list of all the VPN servers available based on your membership plan.  We selected a server in Chicago to test the service on our iPad.  The ibVPN app then created a new iOS profile that included the configuration and login information for us to connect to their Chicago server using either PPTP or L2TP.

When the ibVPN app is finished setting up your desired server information then you can connect.  To do so go to Settings and turn on VPN.  You can also choose between PPTP and L2TP protocols.  ibVPN had defaulted to PPTP but we tested the service using an L2TP connection for increased security.

Speed Test Results for ibVPN on iPad

After connecting to ibVPN’s Chicago server using L2TP we ran a performance test using the Speedtest.net iOS app.  First we tested our speed before connecting and found it to be 32.33 Mbps download and 6.19 Mbps upload.  After connecting we ran another test and found our speed to be 6.47 Mbps download and 3.73 Mbps upload.  You can check out the speed test results in the images below.

We enjoyed testing the ibVPN iOS app.  While it isn’t as flexible as their Windows client we found it helpful none the less.  You can’t switch servers as easily on the iPad but the iOS app definitely makes it easier than manually setting up the various ibVPN servers on your iPhone or iPad device.  Visit ibVPN to learn more about the app.

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