Hide My Ass VPN Adds Server in India

Hide My Ass continues to build out their VPN network at a rapid pace.  They now support some 168 VPN servers across 32 countries.  Their latest accomplishment is the addition of a VPN server in India – Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.  With OpenVPN support and 64 new IP’s available.  Bringing the total number of IP’s offered by HMA Pro VPN to over 18,500.  Enjoy unlimited VPN access from Hide My Ass from $6.50 a month.

In addition to the new VPN server in India, Hide My Ass also added a new VPN server in Roubaix, France.  Supporting both OpenVPN and PPTP protocols.  So you can enjoy connecting to the French VPN server from PC, Mac and Linux.  As well as mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android phones / tablets.

We’re happy to have Hide My Ass as our #1 Best VPN Provider over at VPNSP.com.  Their HMA Pro VPN software makes it very simple to connect.  Without being a techie.  Allowing for excellent performance and easy server / IP switches.  Follow us on Twitter (@VPNSP) for the latest VPN news and special offers.

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