Hide My Ass Windows VPN Client Review

In our continued VPN software series we’re excited to share our favorite Windows VPN client from Hide My Ass.  We use HMA Pro VPN client on Windows 7 on a regular basis and enjoy the ease of use along with advanced features.  Out of all the extra options our favorite is enabled by default.  The load balancing setting ensures you the best connection speeds regardless of location selected.  Along with secure IP bind to ensure secure connections for chosen applications.  Try the Hide My Ass Windows client now from just $6.55 a month.

Hide My Ass Windows 7 VPN Client Installation

Hide My Ass members can always log in to the site and download the latest version of the Windows, Mac or Linux clients.  Along with finding other useful information like PPTP server addresses and DD-WRT configuration info.  We always run the latest release – Windows version 2.6.9 VPN client.

The software download and installation only takes a couple minutes.  You don’t need any information for the install unless you’d like to choose an alternate folder for the client.  Otherwise the installer will take care of configuring your system and TAP settings to support Hide My Ass VPN connections.

Connecting to Hide My Ass VPN Servers

Before launching the HMA Pro VPN client for the first time you’ll want to have your username and password on hand.  Then just double click the icon on your desktop to fire up the software.  Once the screen opens you’ll wait a few seconds for HMA to prepare the client.  You can then choose a VPN server and connect.

Enter your username and password in the login section at the top of the screen.  Then choose a VPN protocol and server location from the dropdown boxes below.  Once you’ve selected a server simply click ‘Connect to VPN’ and the client will connect you to the location.  You might get a message stating there is a better server in the same group of servers.  This is a special feature called load balancing that helps you achieve the best performance.  We’ll cover it in more detail later in the review.

In addition to choosing a server location from the dropdown box you can also click on the ‘Country Selection’ tab to the left.  That will present you with a breakdown of server locations by country.  Clicking on any dropdown arrow will expand the country and show all the related servers.  In addition you can click on the ‘Map Overview’ tab to the right to view and select VPN servers from a map.

Regardless of the method you choose to select a server the HMA client will quickly take care of the connection.

Hide My Ass VPN – Load Balancing

Hide My Ass is a very popular VPN service.  Yet we consistently enjoy fast connection speeds.  The reason is their load balancing feature.  The load balancing setting is enabled by default and we recommend you leave it that way.  By default the HMA client will notify you anytime a server you choose to connect to is loaded more than 30% more than other servers in the same group.  As you can see in our example below.

In this case we chose to connect to the first VPN server listed for Dallas.  As you might guess the first server listed for any location tends to be popular.  I guess we’re all just lazy and choose the first server on the list.  Since our server was loaded to more than 30% over other servers in Dallas, the HMA client suggested that we connect to another server in the Dallas group.  We always accept their suggestion as it connects to the least loaded server for the best performance.  A great and much appreciated feature of the HMA Windows client.

Hide My Ass VPN – Secure IP Bind

Hide My Ass offers another advanced feature that most other clients lack.  Using Secure IP Bind allows you to tie an application to HMA.  So that the application will only function behind their encrypted VPN connection.  In case of failure the application will fail to work until an encrypted connection is resumed.  A must have for some.

Hide My Ass Windows Client – Final Thoughts

The Hide My Ass client is our favorite.  We use it on our Windows 7 system all the time and enjoy the reliability and fast performance.  The load balancing feature is really nice.  Helping assure you the fastest possible connection for any HMA server location around the world.  We also use HMA on our iPhone with a simple PPTP setup and the speed there is good as well.  Later this month we’ll test and share thoughts on their Mac client.

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