Hide My Ass PanicButton Extension

The Hide My Ass team recently added a popular privacy tool to their arsenal.  Acquiring the PanicButton Chrome extension.  HMA also welcomed it’s creator, @ThomasGreiner, to continue development.  For those new to Panic Button, the Chrome extension helps you hide all the tabs in your browser with the click of a button.  Then restore them with another click.  Visit HMA’s PanicButton page to learn more and download the free privacy tool.

Why might you want to hide your browser windows all of a sudden?  We could think of several scenarios in which  you might want to ensure your privacy while browsing the web.  Regardless of the situation, PanicButton allows you to easily hide all of your open Chrome tabs with a mouse click.  Then you can bring the tabs back with the click of a button.  With an option to password protect the stored tabs and set a safe page to display.

We look forward to sharing a full review of Panic Button in the near future.  In the meantime let’s walk through a quick scenario in which the extension would be quite helpful.  Let’s assume you enjoy talking with friends on Facebook and emailing them regularly.  Yet it feels like someone is always peering over your shoulder.  You could use PanicButton to hide Facebook and other tabs when they come into the room.  Setting up a safe page will still leave content up on your screen for a natural appearance.  Then when the snoop moves on you can simply click on the PanicButton again and restore your tabs.  Resuming your time with friends.

You can take a look at the Hide My Ass PanicButton page for more info and to download the free privacy tool.

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