Hide My Ass VPN Now Supports L2TP Protocol

Cheers to the Hide My Ass VPN team who just added support for L2TP protocol.  For those unfamiliar with L2TP it adds a layer of protection over standard PPTP connections while still supporting a number of devices that OpenVPN doesn’t play well with.  Hide My Ass has been a favorite of ours for some time now and is our #1 ranked VPN service provider on VPNSP.  HMA Pro VPN now supports PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols.

This year we’ve noticed a handful of VPN services are growing at a rapid pace.  Both in terms of audience and network capacity.  When we started in 2009 there were a few providers that stood out.  Since then it seems like hundreds of providers have launched VPN services.  Yet a few stand out as offering the best VPN features along with value to their customers.  Hide My Ass is a leader in both categories.

Hide My Ass Pro VPN currently supports over 130 VPN servers in some 29 countries.  With over 15,000 IP addresses available to their members.  A massive number compared to other leading VPN services.  Using the HMA Pro software you can easily change locations and IP’s anytime, on the fly.

That pretty much covers HMA’s addition of L2TP protocol support.  We’d like to end by thanking HMA for the reliability and performance of their network.  While on vacation this week we’ve relied on HMA Pro VPN to secure our Wi-Fi connection.  The service has been rock solid.

Read our HMA VPN review to learn more about the service or sign up for Hide My Ass and enjoy unlimited VPN access from $6.55 a month.  A great value on quality VPN access.

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