Hide My Ass VPN Server in Chile

Last week we tested the new Hide My Ass VPN server in Argentina.  In addition HMA added a VPN server in Chile.  The new server is located in Santiago and includes 63 IP addresses.  You can connect using OpenVPN or PPTP protocols.  HideMyAss now supports over 275 servers in 51 countries and is continuously adding new locations.  You can enjoy unlimited VPN access from Hide My Ass for just $11 a month or $78 a year.

As always we tested the new server in Chile.  Connecting to the server in Santiago using the Windows version of HMA’s free client.  Doing so our download speed was 2.67 Mbps and upload speed was 3.78 Mbps.

HMA members can enjoy immediate access to the new server in Chile without an increase in price.  New subscribers can enjoy unlimited access to all 276 servers in 51 countries for just $11 a month or $78 a year.

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