Two Hours of Free VPN from Hideman

We were recently invited to test a new VPN service called Hideman.  We first ventured over to and found they offer two hours of free VPN access a week.  After downloading the app we found that the free VPN doesn’t require any personal information.  An excellent opportunity to protect your online privacy for short periods of time and also test the Hideman service for future use.  Hideman access is affordable at just $9 a month.

We started by downloading the Hideman client and installing it on Windows 7.  That only took a couple minutes to complete.  Then we were pleased with the ease of launching Hideman.  You double click the icon and are presented with the client interface.  From there you can choose which server you want to connect to.  For the two hour free trial you can choose between the United States, United Kingdom and Netherlands.

We noticed that once you open the client the countdown begins.  Even if you completely close down the software and open it 15 minutes later the hour is counting down.  You can’t really complain since the access is free.  It’s good to know though so you can plan your usage around the timer.  Otherwise the client worked just fine.  You can let it choose the server to connect to or select your own.  We selected each of the three servers for testing.

Performance wasn’t quite as fast as some of the services we’ve tested but it wasn’t bad either.  Our baseline speed without VPN was around 27 Mbps.  While connected to Hideman our speeds ranged from 4 to 5 Mbps.  Easily fast enough to browse the web and perform normal tasks without any issues.

Since we’ve been talking about their two hour free VPN offer it seems only fair to also mention Hideman’s premium plans.  Hideman access is available for $3 a week, $9 a month, $15 for two months, $39 for six months or $69 for a year.  Basically the longer the term the less you pay per month of usage.  Visit the site to learn more and check out there free trial.  Let us know what you think of the service.

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