FlashRouters E3000 DD-WRT Router Sale

FlashRouters is running another good special on pre-configured DD-WRT routers.  This time around the promotion is on the Cisco Linksys E3000 router.  As with all FlashRouters hardware the E3000 is a refurb version of the router flashed with DD-WRT firmware.  We’ve had the opportunity to test Cisco routers from FlashRouters and highly recommend their work.  Especially for those interested in personal VPN access.  As DD-WRT is supported by several leading VPN services.  Grab an E3000 while supplies last for just $129.95.

Head on over to FlashRouters if you’d like a Linksys Cisco E3000 flashed with DD-WRT firmware for under $130.  FlashRouters has a limited number of E3000’s and will only be offering the $129.95 price while supplies last.  Their regular price for the E3000 is $159.95 so you’re saving $30 off the already low price.

While DD-WRT has many benifits, our focus is on personal VPN service.  We’re always looking for ways to enhance your VPN experience and DD-WRT routers are a good fit.  Consider the typical network at home.  You might have a couple PC’s, laptop, Linux box, Mac, iPhone, iPad.  Don’t forget the occasional streaming device – Roku, Boxee, Popcorn Hour.  Not to mention gaming consoles – Xbox 360, PS3, Wii.  I’m sure we’ve missed a few but you get the picture.  Now imagine sending all of those devices through a single VPN account.  You can do just that with a FlashRouters Linksys E3000 router for just $129.95.  As always check with your VPN provider to make sure they support DD-WRT.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest VPN provider news and special offers.

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