FlashRouters Cisco Linksys E3000 Sale

Our friends over at FlashRouters are at it again.  Their new promotion is an excellent opportunity to purchase a Cisco Linksys E3000 router flashed with DD-WRT firmware for under $100.  Giving you the chance to pick up an E3000 for just $99.95.  The E3000 comes with DD-WRT firmware so you can enter your VPN service info right into the router.  Allowing you to protect all connected devices in your house through a single VPN account.

The regular price is $169.99 but during the promotion FlashRouters is knocking $70 off the price.  That’s about $30 lower than we’ve ever seen the E3000 sold on FlashRouters so we suggest anyone shopping for the model consider this offer.  The next model up (E4200) is $179.95 so the E3000 for $99 is an excellent value.

Here are the pricing details along with the current discounts on the Cisco Linksys E3000:

  • Cisco Linksys E3000 – $169.95 – $50 instant – $20 special = $99.95
  • No coupon code necessary.  Visit FlashRouters.com to take advantage of the offer.

FlashRouters will flash your Cisco Linksys E3000 with DD-WRT firmware and ship it right to your door.

Visit vpnsp.com to learn more about VPN and DD-WRT routers.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest router deals.

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