Hands-On FlashRouters DD-WRT VPN Review

We recently received a Linksys E2000 router courtesy of FlashRouters.com for testing their DD-WRT VPN solution.  Earlier this year FlashRouters partnered with OverPlay to offer pre-configured DD-WRT enabled routers.  Allowing OverPlay customers to enjoy secure VPN access throughout their homes.  Covering not only PC’s and Macs but also mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) and gaming consoles including PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.  For the purpose of our review we tested the FlashRouters Linksys E2000 on both PC and iPad.

FlashRouters offers top brand name routers flashed with DD-WRT firmware and pre-configured for OverPlay VPN service (OverPlay account sold separately).  Buy any router including Linksys (Cisco), D-Link, Netgear or Asus and save $5 during the month of July using coupon code VPNSP

Our home network is more complicated than most.  With multiple routers and VOIP connection.  We eliminated all of that for the purpose of testing the FlashRouters E2000.  With a direct connection from our cable modem to the router.  With PC connected via Ethernet cable and tested wireless with an iPad.  Everything we needed was in the package.  Lisys E2000 router, power cable, Ethernet cable and a simple page of instructions.

After connecting the Cisco-Linksys E2000 router to our cable modem and PC we accessed the DD-WRT configuration page.  FlashRouters had already taken care of the DD-WRT flash and network configuration.  With OverPlay also pre-configured.  After changing the password and securing the wireless network (all detailed in the instructions) we visited the special OverPlay page shown below.

As you can see the OverPlay page is fairly self explanatory.  You just enter your username and password and choose whether or not you want it to remember the password and automatically log in.  Once we filled in the information we clicked on Login and came to the next screen.

This is where things really heated up.  No need to install and configure any VPN software.  Simply choose between OpenVPN and PPTP.  Then pick a location to connect.  We personally favor OpenVPN for the added security.  Remember that either OpenVPN or PPTP will work with all your devices.  This is one big advantage of running OverPlay through the DD-WRT FlashRouter.  All of the traffic going through the router is encrypted.

We started by testing an OpenVPN connection in the United States.  Newark, New Jersey to be exact.  After choosing the country and VPN server we simply clicked connect and within seconds were connected to OverPlay.  We then ran a bandwidth test at speedtest.net and the results were solid.  After switching between a few servers and confirming the IP addresses we decided to test a PPTP connection.

The selections for PPTP connections are very similar.  Simply choose the desired country and VPN server.  With optional settings for “connect at startup”, “automatically reconnect” and “block internet on disconnection”.  You might want to consider enabling all of these settings if you want to ensure all traffic going through the router is secure and passes through an OverPlay server.

We tested a few PPTP locations around the world.  Including a server in in the UK.  An OverPlay VPN server in London to be exact.  After connecting to the London server via PPTP we visited http://www.overplay.net/ip and confirmed our IP address location.  Of course the speeds were slower given the distance but still plenty fast for content streaming.  Here’s a screenshot of our IP address and location while connected to the UK server.

Along with VPN capabilities, DD-WRT offers a number of other advantages.  All of which are outlined well on the FlashRouters site.  We enjoyed testing the Linksys E2000 DD-WRT router with OverPlay and look forward to additional testing in the weeks ahead.  Thanks to the guys over at FlashRouters for their support and special coupon code.  We highly recommend their routers to anyone looking for a DD-WRT solution.  Especially those with VPN access.  Remember to use coupon code VPNSP during the month of July to save $5 on any router.

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