Limit iPhone / iPad Ad Tracking

With the release of iOS 6 came a new method for ad tracking called Identifier for Advertisers (IFA) which helps advertisers track your usage.  IFA assigns an anonymous number to your iOS device.  Whether an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  IFA does not identify you personally.  It’s purpose is to allow advertisers to deliver targeted ads based on your usage.  We prefer more privacy to better targeted ads and will show you how to disable IFA.

Limit Ad Tracking on iOS 6 Devices

The new ad tracking feature isn’t where you might expect it to be.  While you might think it would be located under privacy, Apple chose an odd position.  To limit ad tracking you’ll want to go to Settings – General – About – Advertising.  That’s several layers down and not a likely place for users to just stumble upon.  Once there you’ll want to toggle Limit Ad Tracking to On.  That will take care of disabling IFA on your iOS 6 device.

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