CyberGhost VPN Offers Free Proxy Service

CyberGhost recently launched a free proxy service.  Not to be confused with the VPN service.  A proxy helps protect your privacy while browsing the web.  While a VPN helps protect all of your online activities, web and otherwise.  The new CyberGhost proxy service is accessible directly from the site.

As mentioned on the CyberGhost proxy page the service covers you regardless of the connection you are using.  Including WiFi hotspots, mobile edge or 3G connections.  With proxy servers in Germany, The Netherlands, Russia and the Ukraine.  The CyberGhost proxy also gives you some options including:

  • Allow Cookies
  • Remove Scripts
  • Remove Objects

Everyone is welcome to use the new CyberGhost proxy service free of charge.  Simply visit and click on the ‘Free Proxy’ tab.  If you need additional protection you might also consider their VPN service.

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Here is the related press release from CyberGhost:

New free web proxy

Completely new at CyberGhost is our open ‘Free Proxy’ service, providing any browser with an anonymous way to surf the Internet without the need of installing a third party software. In favor of an even better security online, all active contents like JavaScript, ActiveX, and Flash, which might be able to compromise an user’s anonymity, can be filtered. And – actually needless to say, but you’ll never know – of course no IPs will be logged. Like CyberGhost VPN!

Our most loved tricky little feature: On some video platforms like YouTube, our proxy exchanges the player used with our own video player. That way an anonymous access is granted, and plans are, to broaden this support for much more video platforms– as well as to more countries and more servers.

Please note, we can’t guarantee, that ALL pages on the Internet will be accessible worry free, while using the Free Proxy, like pages based completely on JavaScript for example. Furthermore the service still is in its BETA stage. Temporal downfalls might emerge from time to time as well as technical changes.

The Free Proxy is not intended to be a substitute for CyberGhost VPN, but can be very helpful for an anonymous Internet trip ‘on the fly’, for a quick change of a log-in country or for simulating a different browser, e.g. for gaining access to pages, that are restricted to devices like iPad, iPhone and others.

Besides …

We have changed the layout of our web starting page a little bit to provide new users with the most important facts about CyberGhost at first glance and add a module, which shows our recent special subscription offers.

Furthermore we listened to our user’s comments regarding Social Networks and changed the way, our Social Media Plug-ins for Facebook and Twitter will work. To prevent a user from accidentally compromising his privacy when visiting us, one needs to explicitly activate a plug-in, before using it.

For users being more informed about what’s going on inside CyberGhost and the Internet in general we’re also providing a newsletter, containing internal news as well as news about security topics, special offers and many tips and hints for an easier life online. One can subscribe to our newsletter by using the new fast sign up module.

For details, please visit


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