CactusVPN Client v2 Application Killer

The team over at CactusVPN recently rolled out a new version of their VPN client.  Version 2.0 of their Windows software includes some nice updates including application killer and live chat support.  P2P / Torrent users will be especially interested in the new application killer feature.  Along with the new client release CactusVPN is offering 50% off the first month for all new orders placed in July.  Enter promo code greatnews to save.

CactusVPN Application Killer

The big new feature in the CactusVPN v2 client software is application killer.  Use this option to automatically kill open applications anytime your VPN drops.  CactusVPN uses the example of eMule and uTorrent in their blog post.  Here’s a screenshot from their post:

As you can see both programs are set to close if the VPN connection drops for any reason.  You also have an option to set each application to automatically restart once the VPN reconnects.  Helping members better protect their anonymity online.  You can set any application to auto-kill anytime your VPN connection drops.

CactusVPN Live Support

In addition to the new client release CactusVPN is expanding their helpdesk to include live support.  We always welcome live support from providers.  As email ticketing can be frustrating at times.  It’s much easier to chat with a support rep live than to try and exchange email messages.  Their live support is up and running.

CactusVPN Greatnews Promotion

I suppose a “greatnews” promotion is a fitting name given their recent updates.  So CactusVPN is celebrating their latest innovations with a special offer.  All new orders placed through the end of the month will receive 50% off the first month of VPN service.  To take advantage of the offer make sure to enter promo code greatnews during checkout.  Feel free to share the coupon code with friends.  Just make sure to sign up by July 31st.

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