CactusVPN Discounts Top Plan

CactusVPN is discounting their top VPN account by 30%.  They offer single country VPN accounts for $4.99 a month.  Where their top plan includes access to VPN servers in the United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.  It use to cost $9.99 a month but now CactusVPN is offering it for $6.99 a month.  With additional discounts of up to 35% for annual sign ups.  Visit for more details.

The latest promotion from CactusVPN is a generous discount if you consider the price is less than $7 a month for unlimited VPN.  With term discounts as low as $4.59 a month.  CactusVPN has a free Windows app along with setup guides for Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, DD-WRT routers and more.  All included in the price.

Here’s a summary of CactusVPN’s new pricing on their top account:

  • US, UK, NL VPN Plan – $6.99 a month
  • US, UK, NL VPN Plan – $17.99 a quarter
  • US, UK, NL VPN Plan – $31.99 for 6 months
  • US, UK, NL VPN Plan – $54.99 a year

Those who just want access from one country can save even more.  With single country accounts available for $4.99 a month.  Annual sign up brings the price down to just $3.25 a month.  Torrent users will want to choose the NL plan or their top account which includes access to Netherlands servers along with US and UK.

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