Boingo VPN Review

Boingo provides client software for Windows and Mac.  Along with mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android users.  The goal is to help users find open wi-fi networks.  Customers have the option of using their free VPN service.  With a few server locations around the world.  Boingo’s Wi-Finder VPN feature will help secure your connection.  We highly suggestion you use their option or an alternate VPN to help protect your online privacy.

Boingo VPN

As you can see in the image above, the first screenshot includes the option to tap “Secure Me” to protect your data.  This is very important when using open Wi-Fi connections.  Otherwise your data can be intercepted.  We use IPVanish for VPN protection.  If you need secure access outside of Boingo then we highly suggest their service.  They offer unlimited VPN from $6.49 a month along with free client software and mobile apps.

Cheers to the Boingo team for including VPN in their Wi-Finder software.  The secure option doesn’t cost extra.  It’s part of the service.  You can check out the current pricing on their site.  Last we checked they were offering unlimited access to North America and South America on two devices for $9.99 a month.  Additional devices cost $5 a month along with per minute fees for connections in other areas of the world.

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